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The Plant & I

Cannabis has been instrumental in my mental and physical health since the very first puff. For myself, the benefits include helping my mood and ability to focus, increasing an often nonexistent appetite, reducing pain and inflammation (internally and topically), and generally increasing pleasure in life (music, exercise, sex, etc). 

My First Experience 

I’ll never forget it. It was the first time my brain calmed down. Standing in a forest with two other females my age, I felt a sense of peace I had not known. 

My girlfriends and I referred to our consumption as “happy times.” Of course, it wouldn’t be until decades later that I would begin to understand what was happening and why it was in fact, making me feel such joy. 

Back then, it was different. We had to hide. 

We knew there was something special about the plant but society had been deeply fooled into thinking otherwise. 

Hiding in basements and forests and at that one friend's house whose mom was never really home; we consumed, listened to music, went on nature hikes, ate food, watched Super Troopers, made art and played video games. 

Be there soon! 

To be a successful stoner pre-legalization meant having a source. I can’t tell you the number of times I had ventured on foot, bicycle, uphill, barefoot, in the snow, to meet someone in a parking lot or bus stop. It was a $30 or $35 option. That’s it. No strain names, no terp talk, no CBG. 

Thankfully, as you entered adulthood, your “buddy” would’ve had their own space (including the classic slightly beat up leather sofa and a 4 ft bong that you may need assistance lighting). You’d make the trade, hit the human sized glass and be on your way.

Securing the Goods 

This was the lay of the land until just before legalization when the gray market shops began popping up. It was such an exciting time to see our community push forward. Despite having anxiety from knowing these places could be raided at any moment; I saw the value in supporting the people who put themselves on the line to make cannabis more accessible. 


& then came legalization. 

Of course, like any stoner, I scoffed at the idea of legal weed. But fate had other plans for me and in 2019, I found myself budtending in one of the first legal shops in Burlington, ON.

It was a rush to be in a place where I could truly be myself. No more hiding. Here, we could talk freely about consumption and connect with so many others who felt the same. Bonded to coworkers and even customers to this day, there is something so special about this community.

Working in the industry has inspired me to learn as much about the plant and its interaction with the body as possible. A lover of education, I see so much potential in understanding how to use the plant to benefit your day to day living. It has also taught me a lot about the consumer, and how literally any type of human can benefit from the plant in one way or another. From budtender to marketing manager to LP sales, I like to think my journey in this industry has just begun ;). 

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